Healthy Food Habits - Film and Sport Stars

Steven Spielberg

  • Favourite food: Spielberg loves McAloon's chicken pot pie. Capshaw loves her jalapeno relish.
  • Food quirk: Spielberg won't eat anything too spicy and they always choose organic. "They eat small portions of almost anything they want," McAloon says.
  • Biggest indulgence: They both love the "blondies".
Interview by Chef Kate McAloon

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a firm believer in having a strong diet. He avoided bad junk food and focused mainly on eating high quality foods and nutrients  Arnold would do a calorie cycling in which he would eat a lot of calories some days and restrict calories on other days. Arnold number 1 rule was to have at least  1g/lb of protein for bodybuilders and at least 0.5g/lb for an average person.
  • In Arnold’s view, body and muscle does not come overnight. It needs all the 4 principles that need to be followed everyday: proper training, workout routine, diet plan and mental approach.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger always goes for natural food in his daily diet, rather than eating processed food. He said that natural food are more nutritious and easy to digest.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger ate small protein diet after every 3 hours. These small diets were contain 25-30 grams of protein.
  • Arnold use to mix his heavy calorie and light calorie diets so as to make sure that his digestive metabolism should work fine.
  • Arnold use to eat whole eggs, meat and large amount of milk products during his body building process days.
  • Arnold’s daily protein diet contains at least one glass of protein shake.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger in a interview said that “the most important thing is a sound sleep of 8 hours to get a healthy body”. He followed it too. Brain and body need time to rest.
  • Arnold use to follow his fitness regime only 4 days a week. He said that “rest is needed to repair the muscles after workout”.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger use to eat carbs after his workout.
  • Arnold use to take beef and pork as substitute to fish and chicken.

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