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Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (FSN), a core group of IAPEN

Wellness is a key to healthy and disease free life. In our very busy and stressful life. We often forget about keeping ourselves fit and fine. The importance of healthy lifestyle is felt only when one falls sick. The type of lifestyle that we all have in today’s competitive world is unavoidable. To counter act on this type of lifestyle, one needs to incorporate certain lifestyle changes along with wellness in their daily routine.

Our wellness program is specially designed to help participants inculcate wellness and healthy lifestyle and thereby decrease absenteeism and increase productivity thereby promoting individuals health as well as economic growth. FSN also conduct awareness Lectures and workshops and conferences so as to help the participants understand the objective of the above mentioned Wellness Program.

In workshop, you will learn practical information that you can put into action to help your clients enhance their energy, sports performance, weight, and lifelong health. You will go home with the tools you need to help clients of all ages and athletic abilities, from teens to seniors, fitness exercisers to Olympians. You'll also go home with new professional friends as a result of networking with your peers.

The content is valuable for dietitians, health educators, exercise leaders, coaches, trainers, sports medicine professionals, and even serious athletes themselves as well as Baby Boomers who want to age healthfully. The program gains its strength form the faculty, both of whom actively work in the fields of nutrition and exercise. As a team, they bring a powerful blend of theory and practice into the classroom through lecture, discussion, case studies, resource materials, and networking. You wíll learn state-of-the-art research and first-hand counseling experiences that will help you further your career and the performance of your clients.

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Welcome to FSN, A core group of IAPEN

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